Rosia Evans


This is my site where I log my work for myself and for me to show to others.

This site is generated procedurally from markdown though C++ code I've written. It's hosted using lighttpd on an old laptop through my router. You can find the code for it here and a more in-depth talk about why I did that here.

Who I am

I'm Rosia Evans, I'm a programmer currently studying at a small university in Wales whilst teaching myself to create robotics and exploring how we can use them in ways that help our environment.

image of me

Most of my interests lie in using robotics and computers in farming, exploring how they could help produce more food in a sustainable manner. I feel that computers and automation really could help produce a green world where people can easily afford the bare minimum and find themselves comfortable and happy.

My physical work involves:

I've been programming for most of my life. My main language is C++, but I also have multiple years of experience in C#, Python and Java and some loose experience in Typescript and C.

If you want an outline of my work, these are some things I'm really proud of:

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