Rosia Evans


The Aber Robotics Society is a small society of friends at my university who meet every Wednesday in a robotics lab and work on their projects. I originally joined to learn basic electronics but found a lot of good friends there and a really nice sense of community.

While there I have learnt most of my knowledge of robotics and electronics and worked on a number of projects including a basic two wheeled remote control robot (my first project where I learnt the basics of electronics), a program that takes photos of people, converts the images to lines and g-code and sends them to a CNC machine that draws the images and a watering system for plants I keep at my house.

During my second year I have gained the role of quartermaster which leaves me in charge of the robotics cupboard where all of the societies older projects are left. I took the role hoping to archive the projects and build wikis for each project, encouraging members to document their work better for later members to come back to though this somewhat took a back seat as the president developed an amazing system that logs the owners of projects and peoples permissions for the projects using qr-codes and additionally we began to share more of our cupboard and its stored resources with additional societies.


This site documents a few different projects I've worked on whilst at the society, including:


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